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How to make a male sim with female frame less anorexic

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@theanarchistotaku Wish it was possible to create a sim like you've shown above. Unfortunately, sims doesn't offer an exact look like that. However, i got something like this:











Simply, create a female sim to make your trap sim more feminine and less anorexic. Then, when you are in cas, go to left top and say yes to "does this sim have a penis?" question. After that, when you are in the game, give them a peen from the wickedwhims menu. Don't forget to chose both soft and hard penis. Also playing around the body presets can do wonders. Smaller breasts, different breast details to make them smaller but look "puffier (?)" can be helpful.


Also, if you want them to look more masculine (because they're trap but not that trap?), you can apply lesser make-up etc. 

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