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  1. Hi guys, does anyone know how you can get a sims hands and feet to stay in place? my sims's hands are on the bed and I want them to sort of lock on.
  2. Is there a tutorial that I could follow that could teach someone who is new to making animations in blender specifically for the Sims 4? I have absolutely no idea where or how to begin
  3. Thank you, I'll get on that now and see if it helps ❤️
  4. Hey guys, I need a little help with something. I had to remove some CC that was causing my female sims arms to stick out of place when straightening their backs, making WW animations look off. But since removing it, I now see this. How do I fix this? Thank you ❤️
  5. This! a video tutorial would be amazing, I've been trying to make animations but for the life of me I just can't do it
  6. Friggen yes! would you ever make these available for download?😗
  7. Is there no root bone on this rig? havingg difficulty finding it and I can't move the models properly
  8. Hey, I was hoping someone could help me out. I've started learning how to animate in blender, and I was wondering if there was a way to lock the feet to the ground and then unlocking them whenever I wanted to. For example, my sim is pole dancing, they will walk around the pole and then climb up. Any tips or tricks would be most appreciated 💙
  9. I'm going to be a bother but is there a way to lock feet in place?
  10. Hey, I'm having problems with moving the models lower jaw/lip on the model. I am able to move the upper mouth area but the bottom mouth barely moves. Please help This is the model I'm using this is what I can't move
  11. This is my favourite male sim that I've made despite being a deplorable human being XD
  12. Thanks a bunch, I'm already stumped at the beginning, this should be interesting XD
  13. Hey, so I'm having issues with getting started. I opened the male model and then I tried to append the female one but there are a bunch of options below and I have no idea what I'm supposed to click as the tutorial doesn't say what to do here. Please help
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