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If you added a few mods, and now the save loads with this message, and you can use the save, then go into the game, load up the MCM for Schlongs of Skyrim, and stop and restart the mod. It will find the schlongs again.


If your saves are crashing to desktop and the game will not start, temporarily hide the Schlongs of Skyrim dll (under the SKSE folders for the mod) and run the game. You will get SOS warning messages, but you will be able to load the game. Make a save, quit, and then restore the DLL. Load the game up and then restart the SOS mod via the MCM in game for it to find the Schlongs.


There should be no corruption in the save.  


However, if you removed one or more mods then yes...you will have a number of problems to deal with.


Hope that helps.

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This happens when you run out of the default 2048 file handles by having too many mods AND/OR too big a save from leveling.

The only fix is a programming fix to increase the maximum number of file handles in something like an SKSE mod to maybe 4k or more.

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I love how there are 5 diffrent possibilities. Thats why you install all your desired mods at the beginning of the game and stick with it.

It took me 300+ hours to install all the mods (100+) i really want and adjust the settings and make everything works nicely. Started new game and now just play. The only thing i still change now and then are mixing/creating outfits with Outfit Studio, or changing textures dds files. 


Yesterday i noticed the blood screen splatters started annoying me and fixed it by simply adding some dds files i found and avoided the esp version. 



Need more info. What did you do before this message? Its definitly a SOS problem i suggest you follow Bluegunk's solutions (3 comments above me)

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