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Bug in SLE dialogues : lines entirely in special characters

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Hi there,


Sorry for approximative English, I'm (typically) french.


I've been running Skyrim LE with MO2 for more than 1 year, adding step by step over 330 mods and somewhat 250 esm/esp plugins. A lot of Sexlab inside as you can guess. Everything seems to work quite nicely, but a few months ago I started facing a typing problem that I can't solve.


In dialogues with my followers, some lines are entirely typed in special characters, mostly voyels with accents, but also Greek or German (double S) consonants. This started after using some Russian (translated to English) follower mod, like "Lady Grace". A wheel appears to manage relationship between PC and follower (previously I always had only vertical menus), then during the dialogue, some lines appear written in English, some in French (the Steam original game is a french version but most of my mods are english of course, not a problem for me, even German I can read it), and some other lines use these strange characters with accents.


I deactivated Lady Grace and others but the bug is still there. Does it come from another mod ? But which ? I have so many, impossible to test each.


Recently it's going worse, even some lines of dialog from NPCs (not followers) get the same "translation".


Sometimes it's going unplayable, I don't know what is said !!!


I don't know if langage is different (russian ?) or just normal English typing replaced by special characters.


If anybody knows something about this, to help me looking for the cause and care it, you're pretty welcome...


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1 hour ago, KIKOU16 said:

some lines appear written in English, some in French

This is because the mods are not all of the same language. Everything should be translated. It also happens to me that, while translating mods, I always find dialogues in other languages outside the translation


1 hour ago, KIKOU16 said:

I deactivated Lady Grace and others but the bug is still there. Does it come from another mod ? But which ? I have so many, impossible to test each.

You could just turn off any that have dialogue . One by one . If it's a problem with some specific mod, jump out, otherwise you'll need to view your Load Order to find the source of the problem

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Hi Lestat,


big thanks for reacting so promptly. Well, no matter of language here, I'm used to switch between French/English/German because that's the Skyrim modding base, and not everything can be fully translated (French translation proved quite often buggy, so I rather choose original english mod which works better). But I guess that some russian implements could mess on this side because of the need of different typing. Maybe I'm wrong and the problem is a pure computing issue.


I just started a new profile on MO2, of course new game too, without any added follower. I shall tell tomorrow if it's bug free.


Otherwise, turning off one by one all dialogue-adding mods will be long work, as many (especially the best Sexlab ones, I have a bunch of these) include dialogues... But if necessary...

And possibly that may come from a mod installing a hud (the wheel managing chatting & sharing with NPC : which mod does that ? I can't remember).


I just hope that someone in our world encountered the same bizarre typing and could point out a mod or a group of mods, which would save a lot of time.


Besides, would you be kind and remind me how to edit my list of active mods in MO2 ? I'm not so great at computing...

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