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When i switch to SE do i still have to bother with STEP, ENBoost and CTD fixes? Or does modding just work then?

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After playing LE on my old PC for so long i finally got a good PC. 


Copied MO and reinstalled just to find myself in the normal Load Order/Water Flickering(fps)/ini - nightmare on a loadorder that i built for almost 2 years. So my question is if it is easier to fix my Modded LE(takes a day i guess) or rebuild a new Modlist on SE? Do i still have to deal with the same shit in SE or is it significantly more stable?

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SE is more stable then LE. Its not perfect tho.


Do not "move" mods from LE to SE. It will just crash. Look at your LE mods list an then:

- if you are not sure what the mod does, don't bother looking for SE replacement. It was junk you never used. Skip it.

- if you know what that mod is/does, ask yourself "do I need", "have I ever used"? If 'no", skip it.

- look for functional replacements. Mods that do the same(or similar thing), but are not nesseseraly the same.


Note: you can have both, LE and SE, installed on the same machine. There is actually no need to choose. You can have it all.

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