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Im looking for some anthromorphic furry race mods <dont have to be nsfw>

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Hello everyone! So i just bought oblivion for my laptop and im looking for some furry race mods preferably a wolf of some sort. This race mod doesnt have to be a nsfw mod but i wouldnt mind if it was. ill take any recommendations but i would really appreciate canids. also i would like to do this before i start the game. Thankies!~  

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Slightly wolflike:  Lycan race

Someone took the Lycan race and mixed it with a wolf elf to make Anwolf Race

Definitely fox based:  Lilmothiit Races

Based on African wild dogs Wild Dog Race

No joke.  Loosely based on the Doberman Doberaga Race

And from the same guy, a Labrador  Labidori Race

Ohh... and now a border collie Drover Collie Race

A classic with many races including Lycanthrope and Wolf elves (they just have a hint of canine... not much Modular Beautiful People 2ch

You got one called the Wolven Anthros and you can apparently shapeshift

Apparently adding Wolfens and Vexends of his own... Vexend Race

Probably the first in the line of Wolven


I won't guarantee they all work with the body mesh you prefer though...


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