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Ive used and played with whicked whims for quite some time now and have no problem with it. My friend wanted it too so I installed it on her game yet I dont know what I did wrong... the penises are there, the erections and everything but when it comes to playing I dont see anything besides white bubbles where the whicked whims options should be. The whicked whims tuning is in the right place, the scripts too... I dont know what I did wrong.

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6 hours ago, RUASim21 said:

Do you mean you see the white bubbles when the animations play? If you have the patreon version you'll just need to download the Inappropriate Unlock in addition to WW. 

No, I have the loverslab versions. when playing, I cannot even get to the animations... like the whicked whims options (pubic hair, positions, etc) only appear as a small white bubble like it was lagging. So I cannot even get to the animations.

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7 hours ago, Husk said:

Sounds like you might have installed a double copy of WW on your friends' computer, since missing text is often caused by a duplicate of WickedWhims.

I indeed copied it from my own hard drive, Ill try downloading it from her own laptop. thanks

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