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My game keeps crashing, and I can't read NetScriptFramework crash logs

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I've experienced this before.

You have many NPC editing mods and High Poly Head

In the location where you are trying to fast travel to is an NPC that is:

getting head parts not appropriate to the head he/she has

or, is getting meshes from Skyrim LE


To prove this theory try walking to the location that causes the crash.

You should find that you crash when you get close.




Disable mods that edit NPCs a few at a time til you can Fast Travel.

Once you determine which mod causes the crash, reinstall it with regards to High Poly Head


or, don't use High Poly Head


or, If you are using LE mods converted with Cathedral Assets Optimizer, you can try running SSE Nif Optimizer on that mod, Cathedral is known to "miss" some meshes.


Hope this helps.

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