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SL Frustration - Problems with mods not working

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Hi there. I've spent hours and a fresh reinstall trying to get my mods to work. I have no issues with crashes or anything like that. It's simply the mods themselves not operating properly. 


Originally I had the "MfgConsole.dll is not a valid dll" as well as the "StorageUtil.dll is not a valid dll" for a while. I installed the rest of my mods and the game booted up fine. 


I have the most current SKSE for SSE, and my load order appears correct. The mods in question are the "Follow me for sex" and the general SexLab itself. I followed the instructions to the letter, but as per usual I have probably fucked it up somewhere.  I deleted the .dll files mentioned and the error disappeared, but nothing changed when it came to workability. 


Screenshot of my LOOT load order: https://gyazo.com/6ece0b1e6ac17b24110a459e2ad0772b


Screenshot of my Wyrebash Load order: https://gyazo.com/eafce198230a3cdd698b0245fc1b828b


Any  and all help would be appreciated. I'm really not great with modding, but I do follow instructions to the letter(including multiple boot ups after each mod install + YT tutorials). I am currently using  Wyrebash, LOOT and Vortex to  sort my mods out. 

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53 minutes ago, Razorite said:

Originally I had the "MfgConsole.dll is not a valid dll" as well as the "StorageUtil.dll is not a valid dll" for a while.

You're probably using mods for the other game version (aka Skyrim mods in Skyrim SE).


53 minutes ago, Razorite said:

I have the most current SKSE for SSE,

You're most likely using mods for other Skyrim version. Specifically mfgconsole is a LE only mod, not available in SE. So... for starters check you're using SE compatible mods. And use the SE specific forum sections (this tech support section is used for Skyrim, SE has a separate one).


55 minutes ago, Razorite said:

I am currently using  Wyrebash, LOOT and Vortex to  sort my mods out. 

I'm pretty sure Vortex already does that. No idea why you would want to use Wrye Bash and LOOT to do the same thing.

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One of the facts of life about modding is you can follow a mod's download page perfectly, but issues can be found later that get resolved in the help threads for the mods and then the download pages sometimes don't get updated with those fixes.  A good practice to get into is make note of the help threads for the individual mods you are using and hit the Get Help button on the mods download page to try and Ctrl+F4 skim through to see if your issue has been seen before.  


One of the issues that you describe is fairly common, the storageutil.dll issue is (usually) caused by mods shipping with an older version of PapyrusUtil included with certain mods which are incompatible with the current version of PapyrusUtil.  Here's an example of the StorageUtil issue happening due to the great camping mod called Campfire, and the solution to that one is to move the storageutil file out of the campfire mod and let it use the version that is newer.


You may also want to check the support thread for Follow Me for Sex SE if you haven't already done so.  I'm not sure what the exact problem you are experiencing, is nothing working with Sexlab at all?


Since you are using Skyrim Special Edition I would recommend checking out this thread: (v1.1.2) Mod Organizer 2 & Other tools - From zero to "Hey Sexlab is working!"

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