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Armor with Transparency issue

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So I've downloaded Cocos 2b Wedding Dress, and having issues with the Veil and Skirt causing the rest of the clothes at different angles to disappear.  Ive been messing around with Nifskope to see if I can fix it but I'm not knowledgeable enough to what to really look for. 


I had this issue with Cocos Ronin armor oddly enough to with the hat veil causing the eyes to disappear, and found a solution from a poster on another website.    It was to turn off the zbuffer_write off.  It kind works with the wedding dress but causes the veil and skirt to almost disappear at certain angles too.  lol


If anyone knows a solution to this, I'd be very grateful.  


Edit: Messed around with the armor and Nifskope some more.  I now can't tell if its the Veil and Skirt that's the issue or the rest of the clothes that have issues.  And example of this is that the transparent bow disappears with the 2 Transparent skirt and veils, yet the nontransparent bow doesn't.  The SMP top also disappears, along with the bottom and neck.  Would be surprised if all the more transparent cloth options have this issue.  So still suck at square one since I don't really understand how any of this works...

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since "you don't know how this all works"


a) does this armor set have a bodyslide?

b) is it made for your body type (ie CBBE, CBBE-3BBB, UUNP, BHUNP etc etc

c) if a and  b, have you fitted to your body using Bodyslide and outfit studio (Bodyslide specifically, Outfit studio is for editing, tweaking etc, not simple "fitting" in general) 


if you're not using a Bodyslide capable armor set and or it is not crated for your body type, you're on your own.  I have several armors/clothing that aren't the correct body type. I simply live with the disparity when wearing them.


finally, you can also use racemenu adjustments to clear some transparency/clipping issue, but it's a compromise and personally I consider any such tweaking to only be suitable for very minor misfit issues.  Had to do so for my female's butt, so that a skirt she wears regularly as part of her standard outfit fits correctly.


good luck!

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