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Question regarding the autonomy signs

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With the no nudity/no sex autonomy signs I have a few questions.


1. Does this affect player sims at all or purely just autonomy?

2. Does this prevent small nudity accidents like the setting for sims to occasionally lose their swimsuit in a swimming pool?
3. Same as with 2 but in regards to things like nudity when getting a massage?

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1. It affects autonomy only, but for every Sim (including played ones, as long as autonomy is enabled for them). Player input overrides any "rules" set by those signs.


2. As far as I know and have experienced in my game, the autonomy signs prevent any sex/nudity related to WW. Other nudity (like Sims losing their swimwear, which is a vanilla feature, IIRC) might not be prevented, unless WW overrides that stuff.


Also bear in mind that "no nudity" prevents sex as well.

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