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Please fix my load order

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I am a beginner in oblivion modding. Following errors are occuring in my game - 


1) neck seams.

2) body discolor issue.

3) occasional body parts stretching.

4) yellow marks appearing during sex.



Also, how to upload my load order here ? no option appears to post my .txt mod organizer 2 modlist....


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1)  Neck seams happen often depending on what texture combinations you have.... and happens ALWAYS.  I mean, if you have some clothing piece that can cover it like a neckband, you could be covered.


2)  Ditto.  I mean, face textures and body texture differences.  It happens a lot.


3) Well, I just posted something about this as a response here:  https://www.loverslab.com/topic/148515-made-a-mess-with-skeletons-and-now-everythings-wrong/?do=getNewComment


4)  That depends on your mod manager.  With Oblivion Mod Manager, you would click the [Import/Export] button on the right and choose the [View Load Order] button.


And check my signature below.  The yellow link can take you to content that suggests a working load order.

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Thanks. For now I have minimized my mod setup by removing MBP++ and other mods depending on it. 


I have installed Tamago Hiyoko Master Set no x117 mod and Oblivion Character Overhaul. Now there are only two problems left -


1) Discolored body, neck seam error

2) Body parts stretching.


Please suggest Body/skeleton mods that support Mod Organizer 2.


Current modlist etc is included.

loadorder.txt modlist.txt

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