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5 hours ago, ONE_TR4SH said:

does anyone use TSRWordshop?

I honestly have no clue what TSRW errors mean. In Portuguese? I know less! ))) But usually, it is something stupid. When did it happen? What were you trying to do? Often, my simply runs out of memory and must be restarted, then is okay, although on large projects may need to restart several times and use multiple saves to not lose all of my work.

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Using what little 'Spanish' I learned - reading it is much easier to glean information than for myself to attempt to write or speak: An Object reference isn't defined for that objects instance.


Looking at the title of the error: *PaintingPopstarMaleGuitar_Clone and further down a Mesh is pointed out as MeshEditor has an entry.


I never used this stuff but I'd say the creation is missing a mesh reference for the object in question.

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8 hours ago, landess said:

An Object reference isn't defined for that objects instance.

Ahhh! "Object not set to an instance of an object"... or something similar to that. I still don't know what that means, but if @ONE_TR4SH, you get THAT message when you try to load your project, something got borked as they say, and that work file is no good. You will have to start a new one. That is one of the reasons for using multiple saves, similar to playing TS3. If a save gets corrupted, you can go back until you find one that isn't. TSRW is the same. I have had to restart projects many times. Usually by the second or third restart of a project, I begin making small changes, then "save as" (just like the game). I may use the project name... LS_af MiniDress 1, then LS_af MiniDress 2, etc. Stop every so often and try to load the project to be sure there is no corruption. 


Many things can cause problems. If you replace a geom in a package using s3pe, then try to open the package in TSRW and find the mesh tab images are blacked out, you can't replace them! Error message! There are several things you can change in the edit tab/ project contents at the top left, but do something wrong in there and the project won't load again. 

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