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Where is the gender stored --- I can't see it in FO4Edit

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22 hours ago, Carabosse said:

I don't think its stored there. You'd have to look at the actorbase of the NPCs. Female is an optional flag under ACBS Configuration, so all NPCs are by default male (should be the other way around).


Thanks! finally! I was trying so hard to find this that my head was getting hot!


Looking at D39F6 which I know generates a female raider when I spawn it - in that the ACBS the traits lead to LVLN D39F5 which leads to the face record 1d8e1a which finally says "Female" in the ACBS!!


This was causing me major distress because I was trying to change the DOFT outfit record by changing the entry on D39F6 not realising that it was over-ridden by the DOFT in the face record.... man alive now I know what the BS stands for in ACBS.


I am going to try changing the DOFT in the face records instead and see if that actually works. All day I have been changing outfits for women but they either appeared on both men and women or neither. It's because the DOFT was being replaced by deeper records. 


=== EDIT ===


NO matter what I do, it seems outfit 1D984 is being forced on to raiders. I cannot see how or why it is happening. All I wanted to do was have different outfits for female raiders but something keeps forcing that one outfit on them no matter how many DOFT records I change


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Make sure no other mods are overwriting your changes.


I had a look at 1D984 (Outfit_Raider). It's being templated on the raiders via LCharRaiderMixedEquipment. LCharRaiderMixedEquipment links indirectly (2 leveledcharacter forms each with 7 entries) and directly to 2 actorbases. So 16 in total. I didn't check them all but the ones that I did were all using Outfit_Raider.

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Have I understood the process right or is my brain in the whole wrong place:



1) Game decides to spawn a raider Calls for example LvlRaiderMixed 23d8c6

2) This:
- adds some gear to the NPC through the Inventory entries 
- set DOFT outfit to Outfit_Raider 1d984
- Calls LCharRaiderMixedEquipment 23d8c8 to pick the type of raider


3) LCharRaiderMixedEquipment 23d8c8 then generates a result by picking between LCharRaiderMelee, LCharRaider, others...
This choice then leads to further choices example LCharRaider picks Waster,  Scavver, etc; one is picked


4) These choices
- have their own DOFT outfit record. Does this replace the earlier choice in step 2? 
- may add inventory through Outfit record



If I want to branch clothing and armor by gender, would I need to do it at the final step, like

Need a Raider - > Pick General Type of Raider (eg ranged, melee, power armor) - > Pick Specific Type of Raider (eg scavver) - > Pick Gender of Raider 


will changing the final DOFT record generated assign the outfit from that DOFT record? because that's what I thought I was doing, but maybe I messed it up. 


It seems a lot messier than I had thought, all I really wanted to do was make things like Fortaleza and Vtaw's stuff appear but when it appears on Bodytalk guys it totally screws their appearance so I wanted it to be female only.

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I think it's one of those things that seems like it should be a lot easier than it is. I know you're using FO4Edit but have you considered using the CK instead? Might be one of those tasks that is easier in the CK. If I was going to do something similar I would probably try to do it via scripting at runtime.


I had another look at the raider actors in the CK, I only saw 2 (one being a weird quest specific boss type) that were flagged as female and were not templated by other forms (at all in these cases). I believe they were the only (female) ones that allowed directly setting the default outfit that I saw. All others taking their their inventories from various templates. I may be wrong I only had a quick glance. What happens if you change the default outfit on that actor? Does it propagate through the lists for the leveledactors?

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