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  1. played with new version, looking good! I noted that this seems to play well with "Whats Your Name?" but I have not played long enough to be certain that names persist forever. Just thought I would mention that in case anyone else find that useful for immersiveness.
  2. turns out I just needed to load the body using from file not from template. I cannot get the template to recognize.
  3. Loving this mod, I hope when you fix the outfits situation I can make proper use of my own over-rides better. I make an over-ride which puts the captives in various clothing I downloaded, like vtaw's torn shirts (but no trousers of course), leather straps, rope harness, that sort of thing. Just a whole bunch of stuff I found around the place and bundled into an esp. Looks great but the ripped up clothes vanish upon their release for the reasons you have discovered. That's one thing. But what I came here to say is, at some point can we get integration with slave mods so we can put c
  4. I am sure I used to be able to do this but forgot how. When an NPC surrenders through a mod, I was able to take that NPC as a slave or prisoner if I had a collar to put on them. I have npcs who can surrender through AAF Violate, RSE:CSA or CAP, but can't remember which surrender option let me do this to them. Was it in MCG? I uninstalled that because most of what I want from MCG I get from other mods. Is there a general way to do this or is surrender state from each mod a unique thing to them?
  5. another noob question again sorry just started using outfit studio but when I start new project there is nothing in 'from template' for bodytalk, just loads of cbbe stuff can anyone please tell me how to get that working?
  6. Have I understood the process right or is my brain in the whole wrong place: 1) Game decides to spawn a raider : Calls for example LvlRaiderMixed 23d8c6 2) This: - adds some gear to the NPC through the Inventory entries - set DOFT outfit to Outfit_Raider 1d984 - Calls LCharRaiderMixedEquipment 23d8c8 to pick the type of raider 3) LCharRaiderMixedEquipment 23d8c8 then generates a result by picking between LCharRaiderMelee, LCharRaider, others... This choice then leads to further choices example LCharRaider picks Waster, Scavver, etc; one is picke
  7. Looks like I thought the whole thing was a lot simpler than it is. I am studying the structure a bit more. All I wanted was to put prettier clothes on female raiders and now I am getting another degree course!
  8. Thanks! finally! I was trying so hard to find this that my head was getting hot! Looking at D39F6 which I know generates a female raider when I spawn it - in that the ACBS the traits lead to LVLN D39F5 which leads to the face record 1d8e1a which finally says "Female" in the ACBS!! This was causing me major distress because I was trying to change the DOFT outfit record by changing the entry on D39F6 not realising that it was over-ridden by the DOFT in the face record.... man alive now I know what the BS stands for in ACBS. I am going to try changing the DOFT
  9. I am busy trying to find whether NPCs on level lists are meant to be male or female. I can't see where in the data it says what they are. Can anyone help. Thanks.
  10. thought : is it possible to exclude certain areas. I am thinking Hardware Town as one example. I'll put this is spoilers like there's anyone who doesnt know :
  11. I installed some armor mods but guys are running around with their parts out when the armor looks like it ha a groinpiece, so I am guessing I need to tell the armor to count as being in a certain slot, but can't find which one to use
  12. fantastic, I will try this out as soon as I can, thanks for doing this!!
  13. ok thanks I'll try and figure out what's doing it EDIT it was my stupid fault I forgot to load https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/49793
  14. SMU adds 2 raider factions but I tried making an ESP making those factions allies with the Captives factions and they still attack. Maybe they are triggering hostile in the split second before they are assigned to this mods' factions, in those moments when the script is assigning them to the cross, idk I am just worried it might happen during abductions and when sneaking around in CAP disguise, or maybe SMU does something else wrong, the raiders don't attack me tho so idk
  15. Thanks for the guide, I think everything is working but I want to make sure the odd stuff I have seen is normal expected odd stuff not broken odd stuff! 1. Male raiders have underwear on instead of being BT3 swinging in the breeze. A lot of NPCs are BT3 guys but not raiders. Have I effed up a load order thing or is this expected? 2. BT3 guys clothing doesn't morph properly to fit them, like a hyper muscly guy will just be a bit buff with his shirt on, is that because the clothing sets have not been updated or is it something else?
  16. love this mod! I am pretty sure it is picking up the body randomizers I got from following https://youtu.be/Mvp_SceIDmo unless you have loads more bodies in the mod than I realised! One thing I saw is when raiders are not hostile to player (like if you do a "start me up" where you start with a raider group) the raiders become hostile to captives and stand there shooting them. Is this a faction problem or something else, might something in my broad load order be doing this or is it just something the mod does? (At least let them swap to melee spankers and whips lol)
  17. Are there whips and crops and things like that, paddles and spankers which can be equipped as melee weapons and used in mods???
  18. https://imgur.com/a/tWkclhB Can someone kindly tell me what mod to use to get this?
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