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Grimnir's Crystall Ball Scrying

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Grimnir's Crystall Ball Scrying

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Grimnir's Crystall Ball Scrying
Version 1.0 02/22/08

Extract this mod somewhere, then move CBScryingv1.esp to your Oblivion data folder (usually C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data).

This mod aims to improve Crystal Balls, they're all over the place in game, but they're completely useless. Now, if your Mysticism skill is high enough (25+)
you can use any Crystal Ball. Using a Crystal Ball will give you a prediction, serious prediction, give you some hints about where to find a treasure
teach you a spell, give you a minor permanent buff, or reveal a location on your map. There is also a chance for you to gain a skill point in Mysticism after
a session with the Crystal Ball, the higher your Mysticism is the less chance you have to gain a skill point. If you gain a skill point you can no longer use
Crystal Balls for the rest of the day. Additonally, Scrying is not without its negatives, after each session with the ball, your magicka will stop 
regenerating for a period of time.

02/22/08 - Version 1.0 released


Thanks to:
princess_stomper - for the "less serious" predictions
Everyone on the TES Oblivon Mod forums for their ideas and comments.

In future releases I plan on adding more predictions, treasures, spells, etc. (probably like 10 for each level of Mysticism, per release)
Additionally, once I'm better at scripting I'd like to actually have the player move to the locations (with chameleon 100%, of course), and learn about them 
that way, then move back to their original position. I'm also planning on giving the ball a chance to break with each use (with the chance going up with every
use). I'll also try to add some visual effects and such.



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finally some use for this useless item, good share ... but I think I'll not use this I don't like the part of ( magicka will stop regenerating for a period of time ) also I don't play Mysticism spells ... but this give me an idea maybe I can modify it to suit illusion or destruction magic maybe !!!   

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