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5 hours ago, Tae06 said:

mabe someone can help me understand this scripterror

All I can say is, hope. Generally, no one here is part of KW or Oniki's circle and don't understand what her error codes mean. Someone might??? People here mostly try to help with problems based on our varying experiences with using KW. It's possible that someone might know what that means, but.....


Just wanted to let you know, so you don't hold your breath waiting for an answer.


What exactly does your game do?


Also, look up how to make a screenshot on your machine, or if your machine has the snipping tool, which is probably easier than using your phone to take a photo. )))

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20 hours ago, LadySmoks said:

how to make a screenshot on your machine


Yeah this is PC user 101 stuff.


Next to F12 is Print Screen


All newer versions of Window for over 10 years have a form of 'Paint'.


There is a 'paste' feature in Paint which takes a Print Screen and turns it into an image which can be saved.


This is part of the problem with Windows - they made it too easy for anyone to use a computer, without knowing how to use a computer.

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Thank you when i load my game play for 30 more Kw still dont show up i have the cannibis exotic pole condom machine in buy mode when i click my sis no option for it if i click the male only diff is penis state

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3 hours ago, Tae06 said:

Kw still dont show up


Maybe if you use your native language, we can use Google Translate to figure out what you're trying to tell us.


KW must be enabled to show up.     KinkyWorld menu - turn on the mod and wait for it to finish setting up. You are seeing objects included with the mod, but it doesn't appear to be turned on.

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