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The Throat of the World

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It happens that, despite the various fixes, we stumble upon the strangest bugs . In the quest The Throat of the World , after seeing Alduin's wall ( Sky Heaven Temple), we must go to High Hrothgar to talk to Amgeir about Thu'hum to defeat Alduin . In aid, he will teach us the words to break down the barrier, thus allowing us to reach Paarthurnax, who, according to them, is the only one able to teach us the Thu'hum . Here, a bug sometimes shows up when we get to the top of the mountain. Paarthurnax will be invisible, this annoyance will make it impossible to continue the quest. How to fix it ???


The necessary is a trivial matter.
1) Quest ID: MQ204

2) Blocked point ID 30 

3) REFID of the dragon 0003C57D



Go to any other outdoor location that you have already explored , open a console and insert this string

PRID 0003C57D

moveto player 


This way, the dragon will be moved right in front of you, it may still be invisible


Open a console and insert this string

setstage MQ204 30 

And yes, to bypass the bug, we need to roll back the quest.


Open a console and insert this string

setstage MQ204 40

setstage MQ204 50

setstage MQ204 60


At this point, the bug should be resolved. Go to the top of the Throat of the World to find Paarthurnax flying over your head . From this point on, just follow the Quest instructions (reset via console) to proceed with the game.


This is the method I used to bypass the dragon invisibility bug. Others might solve it some other way.


It is assumed that the bug is generated due to the location of Paarthurnax









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