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E.C. Hosiery Presents: Bodysuit Conversions Featuring Bill Sims!

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Once again our designers have come up with more essentials for your everyday sim needs! Presenting sheer and lace bodysuits converted to accessories from the talented Bill Sims! These bodysuits come in six colors, White, Black, Pink, Lavender, Blue and Seafoam. And are KW compatible as panties.






ECH Sheer Bodysuit BS.package

ECH Lace Bodysuit BS.package


As usual, feedback and comments are most welcome! Enjoy!

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6 hours ago, bongo95 said:

Do you happen to have the KW numbers for these as well?

By the way, yes, this is  left garter, that is, panties!   - 0x7EF1AB7962951A11,  0x67CB5C531DE724FE.


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On 4/25/2021 at 3:25 PM, bongo95 said:

Absolutely loving all of your creations! Do you happen to have the KW numbers for these as well?

Thank you very much! I'm new to this, and I appreciate your comments and feedback! I'm hoping to go back and update all my KW compatible content in the next few days. Please be patient. @sim333 thank you so much for posting the numbers!

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On 4/13/2021 at 11:02 AM, ErinC7214 said:

the talented Bill Sims!


I have several of his 'Tops' which look like full body outfits - much like the ones you've posted. Because they 'are' tops, one can choose any bottom and I picked those where the hip 'cutout' could be seen when wearing low-cut jeans. Having the same 'concept' as an accessory pantie means KW will remove it when it's time and adds some more options - like wearing LadySmoks open jacket (nothing underneath) if one doesn't want to be too risque'.


Also - I wasn't sure those were Bill Sims at first glance. Those have a good cleavage - something his tops lack. Since they are accessories - that would explain why.

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