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How to post a mod for Enlit3d's games on LoversLab

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This is a tutorial on how to post mods for Enlits games on LoversLab (LL).

For how to get the game and how to use the mod see here : How to mod Enlit3d's HRT

Have a look to all the other mods for HRT: Overview of mods for Heroine Rescue Team

Have a look to oher mods for HR2: HR2 mods


First... if you do any mistake you can always correct your post, in worst case you can just delete it and post it new. So calm down 😃


This tutorial has 4 sections:

1. Preparation

2. Creating a new "download mod"

3. Changing the already posted mod

4. Updating the HRT/HR2 mod overview


If you have any question just give me a post under this topic.


1. Preparation:

- you need an account on LoversLab (LL). SplikStick said that is can last some days between your new account and when you are allowed to upload files.

- it is good to have your zipped mod and your pictures and/or videos in place that you want to post


2. Creating a new "download post":

click on the top left of the LL page on the menubutton "+Create/File Download"...



... in the next windows activate the toggle "I want to add multiple reords"...



... than select the category "Misc Adult Mods"" at the very buttom of the selection list...



In the next windos you add your file (zipped HRT mod)...


... i think there is a maximum file size (250MB???) that you can post. If the file is uploaded pree the "Continue" button to go on...



In the next window you set the title (File Name) of the mod and the detailed description.

Here i have a proposal: HRT is an unknown game so we should make it easy for the user to find all the other HRT mods easily. Therefore i propose that you just copy the first 4 lines of one of my HRT mods into your description. There is also a link to a description on how to install HRT mods...

... after this "general" hints you can add the description of your mod.

In the field "Requires" i always wrote "Enlit3d's HRT". (...or HR2)



You now can upload as manny pictures/screeshots to the post as you want. This pictures will later be shown in the top "picture bar" of the mod. The first picture will be the standard picture that will be shown in all reference to your mod. But you can change that later (i will show you below). Finaly you set the version number of your mod in the last field.

Than press the button "Save and submit files" to create your mod...



That's it you created your first mod on LL.

It is now visible for all user. On LL you get 1 sections for your mod: 1. the "File section" were you can download the mod (if you have a LL account...

You shoult hit the "follow" button for both of the sections of your mod so you will be informed if a user has some questions or comments.


... and you get a "Support" section were user can post you questions and comments. You can toggle between this two views.


3. Changing the already posted mod:

If you have posted your mod you still can change every content, files or pictures.

If you want to change your title or your description you press the button "Edit Details" if you want to upload a new file (mod version) or if you want to change some of the screenshot you press the button "upload a new version" (also if you jsut want to change screenshots).



in the window "Upload a new version" you can also change the "primary picture" of your mod...




You can also place pictures or videos in the "detailed description. For this press the "Edit Details" button, in your detailed descrition text go to the place were you want to insert a picture/video, upload the picture/video and press the small "+" button on the picture/video. The Picture/video will than place at your current cursor location within the description text...



4. Updating the HRT mod overview

Please post me your new mod under my HRT mod overview HRT overview i will than update the overview for LL...

(on the Reddit page it is still SplikStick)




I always set the following tags for my HRT mods:




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