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Hey, first of all I'm fairly new to Skyrim modding and especially HDT/SMP/NifSkope, which is why I'm here looking for help with an issue I'm trying to solve.


Basically my problem is that my character's Schlong (Futa/CBBE Body) is clipping through this HDT Skirt, since it's not colliding with it. So I tried finding information on how to add collision to the Schlong to interact with the skirt but I'm having a hard time finding any beginner-friendly information on how to achieve this. From what I've gathered so far I can use NifSkope to define collisions on clothes but I'm honestly a bit lost as to how to work that software.


Would appreciate it if someone could guide me on this or help me understand NifSkope a little better. Thanks in advance.


In case it helps, I'm using SoS - Schlong for Females and Equipable Schlong BodySlide 2.1 as well as SOS- Addon - Futanari CBBE SSE 1.1b.

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