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Could someone adapt these skyrim voices for Oblivion?


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Easy enough.


That skyrim format is wav format 44.100 sample rate - 32bit - stereo.


You need to convert them into oblivion .wav format 44.100 sample rate -16bit - Mono.


Then replace The lovers fx sounds in Data\Sound\fx\lovers


Use Audacity or Sony sound forge to do the editing.





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Unfuzer is also needed for skyrim sound files as they are almost always in FUZ form and you will need Unfuzer to extract the sound files out of fuz files. To use Unfuzer take it and drop it into whatever folder you have the skyrim sound files in. Extract Unfuzer click Unfuzer.exe that will bring it up and give you 2 options. Unfuz (Fuz->Xwm->Wav) Unfuz extracts the sound files from the fuz file and Refuz (Wav->Xwm->Fuz) Refuz will put Unfuzed files back into Fuz form. SotSA isn't in fuz form but it's a good tool if you decide to try to convert other skyrim sounds to oblivion. 

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