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Mod Regarding Jail placement

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Don't know, there are some prison Mods... but I don't think they use all the prison cells.


But it is possible...  but not really random.

If you go to jail the game searches for the nearest prison marker. There in one marker in front of every castle and the IC prison. You can add more, one for each prison cell in the castle.

If you put all markers at the same position the game will always choose the marker with the lowest ID number  =  the Oblivion esm, the original cell.  Not the new markers in your Mod esp.


You can place the markers side by side.  Now the game will choose different markers. If you are right of the prison the right Marker, or north of the prison the marker that is placed furthest north,...

Which cell is used depends on where you are when you get arrested.  You have 4 prison cells and 4 prison markers ( south, west, east, north)  or  only 2 or 3 marker.



What you have to do:


In a prion you check the cell doors.

Are they locked?  The locks use the key of the Jailor? Have ownership of the castle or guard faction ?  Is a bed/bedroll in the cell?

Set the door "persistent"  and add a ID.

e.g. Cheydinhal Prison : the vanilla door ID is CheydinhalPCCellDoorRef The new door you can use ID    CheydinhalPCCellDoor2Ref , CheydinhalPCCellDoor3Ref ,  . . .



You place a Prison marker in the cells you want to use (  it's a Door in the Construction set ; ID 00000004 )

And place the same number of  prision markers in front of the castle/prison  next to the vanilla prison marker.

Like doors you connect a marker in a cell with a marker in the worldspace.   Place them next to each other , south, west, east, north.



got to quests,  the  "crime" quest.

There to the dialog :   ServeSentence "Go to jail" [DIAL:00027FC3]

You change the dialog 000281B7  and 000281B8  ( I have a german Oblivion that's why I don't post the sentences )

In the dialog result scripts you add the new Door IDs. The script locks the prison-cell-doors when you go to jail.

e.g.  for the new Cheydinhal cell doors you add



compile. the result script.


There are more dialogs, but all Shivering Isle.


!!!  If you have other Mods that change the "Go to jail" dialogs  you best use the Mod to add the new prision cell markers and the dialog script change.

I have two Mods :

SPTDiverseGuards  add more races to the guards. In vanilla all guards are Imperial. The Mod change the dialog condition and delete the Imperial race check.

LoversPayBandit  does the same it removes the Imperial race check in the 2 dialog conditions.


So I would use LoversPayBandit to add more usable prision cells  because LoversPayBandit is lower in my load order.

Or if you want a new esp  and you have Mods like SPTDiverseGuards and LoversPayBandit   you delete the Imperial race check in 2 dialogs in your esp and place the new Mod lower in the load order than SPTDiverseGuards / LoversPayBandit .



That's all.

The "StolenGoods" chest, the "door to the cells" with the "prison break script"  and the "ExitDoor" with the script that locks the "door to the cells"  when you leave the castle dungeon  all works without any changes.



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Thank you again for your suggestion on how to make this mod, I will be doing what you said very soon and see how it works.


Just one more question, is it also possible to greatly reduce the range for guards to attack the player or an NPC in prison if there is combat? For example in the quest Two Sides of the Coin, if you attack Jorundr or Enrage him with a spell, guards will come from very far to attack and kill the aggresor. I wonder if it's possible to reduce or remove this range altogether.



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Yes, you add in a esp you have


default is 4000

Or use 2000 or 500


Use TES4Edit or CS and open the esp you want.  Not sure but if I remember right in LoversPayBandits or TrueCrimeEx is the setting.

Check the esp and change the value.


Or you add the setting in a esp very low in your load order.

 iCrimeAlarmRecDistance  is a game setting.


Of course you can create a new esp for only one game setting.

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