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  1. It is from the Setbody Reloaded mod, I believe it's blockhead edition, downloaded from nexusmods, I have not seen any gap in any body type the only potential gaps I've managed to see are hand meshes not matching with the upperbody meshes due to armor types, I think. I also use Seamless OCOV2, using OCOV2 textures and head meshes, but again only the A&B ECUV bodies have this odd hole/seam/gap at the character's nape. I apologize for posting this on the wrong section, is there a way to move it?
  2. Does anyone have this issue with the mesh on the female nape on the ECUV bodies B, B Petite, A, and A Petite bodies? I'm trying to figure out the source to this weird seam or hole, I have loaded the meshes in blender without any animation, with animations and it looks fine in Blender but it never does in game. Any clues?
  3. Sorry to "necro" but I'm having this exact issue due to recently trying to edit and export an Idle.kf animation that for some reason causes poses during sex events to be misaligned. I'm saying this issue could be caused due to a recent pose file that replaced your previous default.
  4. I use Setbody and I'm wondering if there's an option with the Lovers mods to use the matching Lowerbody automatically to prevent seams during sex acts with Male actors, or if not a way to prevent Lovers from equipping the lowerbody mesh and use the default unclothed meshes for Males. I saw something in the readme for Setbody where it mentions adding to the variety for users of Lovers but I don't seem to find any actual setting to allow some matching functionalities.
  5. I am looking mostly for the post which I believe contained flingingfeces' idle animations for breast squishes, I actually managed to download the animations, but I can't find the actual post... I would also like to know if there are other animations like these.
  6. On the contrary, I've seen nude female lowerbody meshes in the game enough times to often get a glance at the plain spot where something should be instead. Thank you for sharing this mesh I will see if there's anything I can do with this. By the way, is there a simple way to add more polygons to meshes?
  7. I am looking for multiple textures but I can't seem to find any that has detail on female's rear hole. Are there any textures with this detail? Specially 4k?
  8. Thank you again for your suggestion on how to make this mod, I will be doing what you said very soon and see how it works. Just one more question, is it also possible to greatly reduce the range for guards to attack the player or an NPC in prison if there is combat? For example in the quest Two Sides of the Coin, if you attack Jorundr or Enrage him with a spell, guards will come from very far to attack and kill the aggresor. I wonder if it's possible to reduce or remove this range altogether.
  9. I was wondering if there is a mod that upon being sent to jail, the player is randomly assigned to any of the multiple cells in each prison. If not I would like to know if it is possible to create such a mod.
  10. What does this setting in the ini do? Does it increase/decrease the likeliness of a slave becoming addicted to sex? How can I set it so it's the same as interacting with the player? ";;Advancement of automatic training difficulty setting Set xLSTMain.AutoTrResist to 500 ;;500 (>> 5 > xLSTQCS. fQuestDelaytime)"
  11. I'm just gonna post this question here since there's not many or other places to put this, but if you use the Nudeshy X.esp and there's Nude female NPC's in a cell, they will cause major constant fps drop for each of them in the cell. I'm not sure why this happens, if I were to guess I'd say it's an unoptimized script. For a while now I've been editing the esp and it's scripts to see if I can fix this issue. I tried reducing delay timers of quest scripts to no avail. Recently, I decided to delete a script at a time and one that when deleted would remove this major performance drop was the "nudeshyIhaveotherclothes" script, I think it could just be causing something else to stop working, but I can't find anything pointing elsewhere, this script is called by another one called "checknudeobjectscript" which I had deleted prior, to test and narrow down the scripts causing the issue. Script in question: I just want to fix this mod's outstanding issues, if anybody knows if this is even something that affects performance or if it can be improved and "optimized", please, let me know.
  12. Absolutely, that is the version I downloaded. Then the TrueCrimeExDebug value, for some reason in my game is stuck on 2? is there way to set it to anything else other than that?
  13. It's not a boolean value, it's a string as a "setting" that shows the message when you try to sleep on an owned bed, If I change the setting it will have the message of "You cannot sleep to an owned bed" to any message I want, it will NOT let me sleep in any bed.
  14. So, again the only way to sleep in any bed is to simply SetOwnership to the player, right? Can I just do this through an ESP and change all Beds and Bedrolls to be player owned? (Probably a bad idea, there's hundreds of beds and bedrolls placed in cells which all need to be changed) Making a spell the easiest way? there aren't any conflicts with NPCs and any bed being player owned, or is there?
  15. I wonder what else is causing the messages on my console to happen then, maybe it's not a TrueCrimeEx issue, maybe it's a setting I have enabled? Do you get console messages if you try to add any other speel from any other mod with the console? Do you get a message if you try to add a spell you already have?
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