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Problem regarding creature meshes.

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In the latest lovers creatures, are the summoned creatures supposed to have breasts as well as penis'? When I summoned a Goblin it had a noticeable pair of breasts and then I summoned a Xivilai and it was very clear it had breasts too, large ones at that. I recently uninstalled Oblivion Sexualised Monsters(OSM) after realizing I hated having breasts on monsters and then now I find all the lovers creatures summons have them as well. I checked all my folders for remnants for OSM meshes and textures and I found none. I did notice that lovers creatures added a mesh in all the creature folders called (monster's name)armor files.


Im hoping this is whats adding the breasts cause I removed everything associated with OSM as well as making a new bashed patch. If it turns out lovers creatures isnt causing the problem then I may need to re-install Oblivion, not something I want to do.

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Guest Donkey

yes lovers creatures armor is what is causing it. delete or remove anything labeled like scamparmor. To make OSM work is a bit tricky you need to know what to do. if you just install osm then activate lovers creatures after it. the lovers creatures will use is own custom meshes. try renaming the osm armor to correspond with the one fro lovers creatures. or it won't work.


if you don't do this correctly, when sex initiates the creatures won't have a body to show. so they turn invisible with only the head showing.

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Phew...thank god. I have a ton of armor mods that would take a day and a half to reinstall. Yeah OSM is very wonky, I chose the male only esp but it stilled showed female creatures. I just made copies of  the male texture and meshes and renamed them to the female filepaths so that the male textures/meshes will show up in game all the time.


So I just have to do the same again but use the lovers creatures file names? Will this effect normal Oblivion enemies as well or only the summoned creatures? If it only effects summoned creatures then I guess I will reinstall OSM and do what I did last time and rename the files to make only male parts show in game.

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I just installed Lovers Creatures for the first time and I too hate that all male creatures now seem to have breasts. Is there a quick way to remove this? I don't have OSM installed' date=' and I don't really want to...


Any advice would be appreciated...



Removing them can cause many problems. My advice is to unpack your Oblivion Meshes.bsa(creatures folder only I mean ;)) and on horse example:

-Copy-paste horse.nif to same folder and change new file name to horsearmor.nif

Every XXXarmor.nif(where XXX stands for creature name) file is from LoversCreatures so you can freely rename them. Creatures should look like original ones.

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