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Missing faces!?!?!

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So somewhere, sometime, I downloaded some custom content (or mod or something idk) ... anyway the end result is that teen and older female sims have no faces! Just the hairdo, and teeth. (It's kinda creepy!). I can use the cas.fulleditmode cheat and reroll to get actual visible faces, but any female who ages up to teen, or any (most) random female NPCs have this problem. (There's a few of the standard townie NPCs that this doesn't affect because I guess they're in premade families, for instance, Cassandra Goth.)

There's a few twists here....

- for one thing, in CAS, I have enough custom skin tones that it takes up the whole length of the screen so that preset faces aren't accessible

- as I said it's not some random percentage, it's every spawned or aged-up female sim is affected, which makes me think there's some sort of default it's affecting

- not an issue for alien sims (in their alien faces, still an issue for the human 'disguise')

- no similar problem with male sims


I could brute-force this by removing off to a distant folder ALL the added content but I have a LOT. Does any of this offer a clue as to where I should be looking? I don't even know if this is something that would be in Mods or something that would be in Tray.


Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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I saw a sort of resolution to this on EA Answers from 2017

Mods they listed that caused the issue were - less smiling mod, andrews pose player and no ea lashes.


I have Andrews pose player and no issues with the latest version of that, the less smiling and no ea lashes I have never used.

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From everything I have read (im no expert) it would suggest an outdated mod conflicting with the face.

Only way I can think of tracking it is to do a 50/50 test, i.e move your mods to the desktop, clear the cache and repair the game.

Move half the mods back into it and keep working off that until you find the one causing the issue.

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