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  1. I'm having an issue with selling dolls. Even when I sell "foreign" (they go quickly but then they're dead and the family mourns).... they are just staying around not getting sold. I'm not sure when this started. Is anyone else having this problem? Is it something from the latest update? (I had some other problems going on but then discovered I had a duplicate copy of the mod kicking around in some weird folder and once I deleted it, everything was okay... except this issue)
  2. welp... i removed a file called Remove EA lashes (or something like that)... didn't help.
  3. it's possible that i have the no ea lashes, the other two I definitely don't. Will double check!
  4. So somewhere, sometime, I downloaded some custom content (or mod or something idk) ... anyway the end result is that teen and older female sims have no faces! Just the hairdo, and teeth. (It's kinda creepy!). I can use the cas.fulleditmode cheat and reroll to get actual visible faces, but any female who ages up to teen, or any (most) random female NPCs have this problem. (There's a few of the standard townie NPCs that this doesn't affect because I guess they're in premade families, for instance, Cassandra Goth.) There's a few twists here.... - for one thing, in CAS, I have enough custom skin tones that it takes up the whole length of the screen so that preset faces aren't accessible - as I said it's not some random percentage, it's every spawned or aged-up female sim is affected, which makes me think there's some sort of default it's affecting - not an issue for alien sims (in their alien faces, still an issue for the human 'disguise') - no similar problem with male sims I could brute-force this by removing off to a distant folder ALL the added content but I have a LOT. Does any of this offer a clue as to where I should be looking? I don't even know if this is something that would be in Mods or something that would be in Tray. Thanks in advance for any guidance!
  5. NGL I basically bought strangerville in part BECAUSE of this! LOL. ;D
  6. So hey, I know nothing about modding, so I have no idea if this is possible... anyway, REALLY love the tentacle animations, wondering (1) it would be really cool if sims could get pregnant from tentacles (maybe with Plantsim babies, because I'm thinking of the Bizarre Plant?) and (2) PLEASE I would love some animations with males and tentacles. (also i don't remember if it was you, someone else, or just using showhiddenobjects but I have the ability to put the mother plant in the world and THAT super needs to have animations!) (please take all of this in the spirit of, "I really like this, please here are some suggestions" and in no way pushy/demanding) Keep up the good work!
  7. Personally I think the tattoo thing seems the least complicated for the end user.
  8. I too am having the black squares and question marks, and not-matching skin tone, but also it's only showing up in CAS as a clothing option, and not as a thing to change in WW body selector thing. Am I missing something? (And ditto with the vertical diphallia)
  9. Same issue as 12345692 above; it seems such a pity when some of the other colors are so pretty!
  10. Forgive me if it's already been covered but just how much drugs does it take to get addicted? I've got a household where the characters are doing as much MDMA and coke as allowed (before getting into "too zonked" territory" and... nothing. Is this a broken bit of program or am I just not trying hard enough?
  11. Im having trouble with this, i thought i downloaded and moved everything properly, but all the deco bottles are called [Noir and Dark Sims] Sex Toy - 01 and whenever I try to place it it says "object is missing its footprint resource" and the red dildo thing is nowhere in ... I downloaded both files you included but do I also need to go get the clutter from Noir because the non-Patreon link just sends me down a rabbit hole of adfly and no way to find the download. Frustrating!
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