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no hair or eyes

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Any custom content in use? Hair, eyes, eyelashes...maybe clothing or make-up, too. I had similar issues a couple times, it was always due to broken CC. According to what I read here on the forums the most likely causes are eyelash and tongue/teeth mods.

Also, since it apparently worked fine before: Did you change anything? Installed (or removed) any mods, perhaps?

If all else fails, move everything out of your Mods folder, delete "localthumbcache.package" found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4" and start the game again (or just disable mods in the game settings, but doing it this way will already set everything up for the next step). With no mods active, there should be no issue.

Next, you add your mod files back into Mods a few at a time, delete "localthumbcache" every time you do and launch the game again. If the issue pops up, it's caused by one of the few mods you just added and you can easily narrow down which one is causing it. Once you find the culrpit, update or delete.

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