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Which mod does the random "Come here woman" dialog?

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Heyo everyone,


well as the title says, which mod makes it, that every NPC randomly says "come here woman" with three options available, to have sex, or chance to get DD restraint put on you. Which mod is it from, and can you disable it? 

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That dialog effect could be kinky fun at times, but other times it will trigger at the most ridiculous moments. Like the time it triggered while I was talking to a NPC I was rescuing: who was still chained to the wall at the time. Then in total cartoon logic he released himself, had his way with my girl, then promptly chained himself back to the wall.


In my personal playthroughs it also kept turning Tolfir into Harvey Weinstein. A kind-hearted, supportive mentor of the Mage's College in public yet a remorseless sexual predator in private. During the lessons with the other students: "Its so good to be surrounded by so many brilliant young minds". Whenever I went to purchase a spell from him in his private quarters: "COME HERE WOMAN!".

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