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Assign types of animations to certain Skyrim followers or NPCs?

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Hi all, I haven't seen anything like this and wondered if anyone had. Also if not, if anyone is looking for a new(?) mod idea, here's one.


I've been using sexlab and SLAL and the like for years but have never liked how I can fool around with someone like Yarl Elisif and she will have the same animations as one of my more angry/evil followers like Acalypha.  Stallworth Lydia vs a darker Serana.


I was wondering if there was something out there where I could assign animations or even a specific keyword to specific followers or NPCs so they would have a sexual preference more specific than male/female. Maybe follower 1 likes agressive animations but follower 2 just likes to give oral. Follower 3 maybe likes to get tied up or be tied up. 


Just wondered if that was out there or to maybe make that suggestion.



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