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  1. I tested and it seems fine but especially when it comes to Skyrim mods, I never assume.
  2. Hi, just curious, UIE Patch 1.2.1 isn't in the downloads. Is it coming or can we use version 1.2.0? Thanks
  3. I see the NSFW spikeball outfit is in 8.0 Meshes\nsfwmods\skyriml&rcollection\spikeballoutfit\ and under bodyslide and CBBE (body I'm using) and I've used bodyslide and was able to build them however when I used additemmenu and tried to look at the different clothing options in the esp and they're not there. Is there something I'm missing or doing wrong? Is it just something additemmenu maybe can't see? Anyone else have a similar issue? I've got DCL 8.0 and aim 3.1.
  4. Anybody else getting an error when installing this mod using Nexus mod manager saying that "community uncapper" is already installed and asking to overwrite or to install on it's own? Not a big deal, I simply hit no and bypass it but it's just strange.
  5. Hi, I just downloaded and installed Komotor's Animations 2.6 update (from their web site) and ran into a consistence check with FNIS. I recall it did ask me to overwrite KomAnim.json which you also install. I'm guessing that overwriting yours was the reason for the 9 consistence errors (Kom_Lesb_Dildos_Show_A1_S(1-9)) as they're in the new file but not yours however I've not really done any testing. I guess my question is if I use yours, will that cause issues with the newer animations provided in the new 2.6 upgrade? Which should I use? I don't know enough about the workings of these files to figure this out. Thanks!
  6. Yea, I already manually advance as that's the only way I can be sure when the animation will end. I've had it through multiple games so I don't think it's corruption but ya never know with Skyrim. Maybe a conflict but I have too many mods and this is not enough of a pain to do the necessary troubleshooting. I figured it was just me as I did search the forum and found nothing but I figured I'd take a shot and ask anyway. Anyway, thanks for the reply.
  7. Has anyone else run into this? Is there any way to delay the Dragon Mound of Love animations? If I walk onto a mound, I have to make sure I only stay at the very edge and jump off as soon as animations end. If I don't do this, animations repeat. I just don't have time to get off the mound. I've had it repeat 4 and 5 times before being able to jump off. I haven't seen any setting for this and assuming there isn't one. Maybe it's just me but it can be a little annoying to be unable to escape.
  8. I'm curious to know what animations can be chosen. I don't see that it's required to have Sexlab or any SLAL packs or anything like that so what animations can be used?
  9. I can't remember the exact mod but wasn't there another LL mod with a bar/club in this same location near the arch? I've removed it some time ago so I can't recall which mod but it has cages etc. Not sure if it was from Maria Eden or not. I only mention it as it's got to end up being a conflict.
  10. Great job! Already downloaded the util and DD equip and working perfectly. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks...It seems to be in the util and POP too. All related? Everything else in MCM works
  12. I can't seem to edit the options on the setup page. The strip and hardcore options simply refuse to change when I click them. Since the password is not easily available I'm assuming that is unnecessary so I'm at a loss. Other MCM items on other pages are selectable. Any clue? Correction. I can select any list item but I can not select any checkbox.
  13. Hi, So I see there is an update listed for August 3rd and it's 1.05 but I've had that version installed since April. I've even downloaded the most recent listed and verified they're the exact same size. I have Bruma and was happy to see an update listed that supposedly fixes the door to somewhere but when I go through the door, I find an empty cell except for a stone room. I have the most recent Bruma as well. Am I missing something?
  14. Ok..thanks anyway but I've now tried that too. Removed XPMSE.esp. Removed a few other mods with some animations (see image). Still the same. ctd as soon as I start a new game or launch a saved game. going back to working 4.0 and I'll watch to see if others solve their issues.
  15. I'll try that but with fnis XXL it says 20,000 animations, it only showed about 10,000. Not sure what I'm looking at but if you can see something: GenerateFNIS_LogFile.txt update: So I unistalled an SLSL pack or 2, no difference.
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