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  1. To be totally honest, I'm not sure which ones do. Say, if I click on the floor though, and select a cherry pie anim, it plays fine, but no juice...lol I've been messing around trying to shuffle files around too...ugh Edit: To clarify, I had reinstalled cum mesh V2 before that... ...I shifted some folders around (moved my 'mods' folder to the desktop, then had origin clean TS4, then moved my mods folder back). Everything seems to be working now. Thanks for the edumacation though...lol Can I ask which anims you use that do work with V2?
  2. See now, wtf?! Even when I had the cherry pie meshes loaded, I never got that. I do have some great anims, and a pretty decent after texture, but wha??!! What have I done wrong? Everything else is working fine. The "climax" scene does play like 3-4 times, but I figured that just The Sims for ya...lol
  3. Ok, so I truly hope I'm just being my normal, oblivious self, and missing some painfully obvious ticky-box, or something idiotic like that. My digging (although limited) has revealed that there actually are no cumshot/ejac anims for WW. Tell me it ain't so! Picture this: You spend a good 10mins trying to talk someone into sex, and finally get to. You watch some very well done animations (the mattress even moves FFS!) that actually build-up to climax. The dude pulls out at the end, points it at her face (or stomach - or ass), the girl (or bottom) even reac
  4. The cum isn't showing up at all for me...and I think I know what a nobody is getting at. The option to use a different texture simply isn't there in the WW menu. Only the default WW texture/meshes are there. At least for me they aren't. I've tried three. I'm likely doing something wrong...
  5. HAHA! TURBOSLUT is the word of the day...lol (yes, I realize this is an older post...but BWAHAHAHAHA!)
  6. Je parle un pettit-peut de Francais aussi, but not great. Mauvais(?) Just don't feel that you can't is all.
  7. And...I was just being facetious. It's Skyrim...lol Thanks though. I'll be checking out that forum for sure anyway.
  8. Is there a console command for turning off stupid BS mode in Skyrim? 15000hrs playing, and still plagued by it... Hi all.
  9. I had exactly the same thing. If you're running SE, use this version: LINK Get the main and the patch. Install the main file, and let it do its thing. Install the patch, THEN run FNIS. Worked for me - no more T pose, and I got the "ZAZ7 anim installed" message.
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