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Models not appearing

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Hi guys! 


So around a month ago I downloaded some sim models for wickedwhims.

They came from the uploader VN girls. 


I installed that, put the files in my mods folder. And when I tried to create a new sim

I saw them located in my gallery, so that's good.


Now today I tried to get some more models and I literally tried 5 reinstalations.. 

I can't get them to appear in my gallery and I can't figure out why.


Then when I was out of hope I tried downloading a single model from yet another creator, and again. I didn't see that one 

in my gallery list, so what am I doing wrong here? Would really appreciate some help!, I've been trying to figure this out for so long now..


Kind regards

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Posting what you did after downloading would help. If you just download zip files nothing will happen. I assume you extracted them, somewhere.


Mods and Tray folders have to be in the same directory. No zips and no subfolders in Tray. Put all .package files in Mods/ or a subfolder.


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