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WW Script not in game

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I just removed all my old mods and replaced them with the new update. I followed the installation instructions but when I opened the game, I can see the Tuning file under Mods but the Script file is not under Script. Please help! I'm a Mac user. Thanks!1638526849_ScreenShot2020-04-04at9_35_55pm.thumb.png.5d2692312e31564e7bd71debbc6e3f0b.png

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Okay so I've been making sure that it's on every time I open the game but whenever I reopen the game, the script mods option is not enabled?? And I don't see Wicked Whims Script file under Script. I'm not sure how to fix this. I'm currently having another issue as well which is unrelated to this original question. I created my household and saved it to my gallery cos yknow just in case. When I exited the game and got back in, there was no 'Load game' option in the main menu and nothing is in my gallery/library. I've searched around and saw that I can fix this by moving the saves folder to desktop and moving one save file back into the new saves folder but that didn't work either :(

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To fix that second issue (saved games disappearing), try repairing your game files via Origin. Just right-click on the game in your Origin library and select the repair option. Maybe this also fixes the problem, that causes script mods to be disabled on every launch (which in turn causes WW's script to not show up).

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Another reason for being unable to save could be something blocking the game's access to its own files.

Some anti-virus software can forbid the game to save any files (gallery, saved games, settings) because they assume it's messing with your private files. I've personally had a false alarm on Windows using Bitdefender and I've seen reports of Norton doing the same, so maybe you need to whitelist the game in your AV's settings (or try playing the game with the AV disabled - but then also disable internet connection, just to be safe).

Earlier today, I also read an exception file, that had a "permission denied" error or sth like that. Don't know if that got fixed by now, but the user experiencing that issue had their game files within a OneDrive folder. Apparently cloud storage services can also prevent the game from accessing its own stuff.

Of course, since I don't have any Mac experience, I don't know whether this is of any help to you.

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