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Some people wish they could just download files from the Nexus mods without joining them. I've been joining them repeatedly for their mods and now I'm tired of it. This time I will ask someone if they have the files I need.


I am trying to get my audio files lip-synced for my machinimas. Is there a standalone tool that can generate .lip files or is it only for the Construction Set? (It's surprising that no .lip generator is known)

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It is the CS , the 1.0 version.

If you read the CS extender readme you instal the CS 1.0 exe  and then CS1.2 full.

( CS 1.2 can not create Lip sync files.  Bethesda fixed some bugs but removed the Lip sync function )


If you use the newest CSExtender version 81 the CS 1.0 exe is in the download file, so you only have to install CS 1.2 and then the extender.


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Can you link me one that isn't in the Nexus? I don't hate the site but I'm not joining it just to download one thing and then leave. I've done that plenty of times.

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