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mod for those of us that love to play with alien

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I love to play alien sim,especially girls but what is missing for me when i play is that my girl cant make her male lover pregnant as it is sometimes happening to kidnapped by aliens males. It will be great if my girl can become a memember of " alien invader" group that came to secretly and slowly make alien presence in sims world to grow. Plan is simple,send as many alien girls and make them impregnate sims males, make them to keep this alien babies and this way slowly but surely take control over sims world. Smart or not,but its a long shot plan and maybe it will work ;)  Anyway,it will be too a revenge taken upon this all males that fuck and want to impregnate my alien girl too :P:D  Have no idea if mod like this is possible to make, but it will improve so forgotten part of sims world i think. Mermaids and vampires have many mods,less or more usable and imroving. Same as for all magic folk. Aliens are forgotten? If any of you here know mods that can help me or know how to make mod like this please leave me a message. Many thanks in advance :) 

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