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Help matching Diablo Elf Body and Face Colors


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    So I recently found this race mod and a 4096x4096 skin replacer for them. The skin pack came with skins for the Chocolate Elf, the Cheese Elf, and the Mulburry Elf. But not the 'Original' Diablo Elf, from what I can see. The skins before this pack where a little mismatched, but adding them made them much better. I'm wondering if anyone happens to have a 4096x4096 of the Original Diablo Elf?


And if not, how can I make this match up more.



Picture of the mismatched color:








Picture of a Chocolate Elf with 4096x4096 skin:






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Only thing I can tell you is to fire up gimp and try to lighten the body texture a bit.  Getting those textures to perfectly match is a royal pain if they did not come with a matching set.


Uuuuuuugggghhhhh. My Gimp still doesn't want to open up .DDS files... At least I think they are DDS files. I tried to open them in NIFSkope by accident so now I think they are called 'nif' files again...

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If the files are in oblivion\data\textures then yes, they are dds files.  If they are in the meshes folder then they 'should only' be nif files. 


Gimp DDS plugin: http://code.google.com/p/gimp-dds/

   Greg, the issue is that Gimp doesn't want to work with that plugin, dispite me uninstalling and reinstalling Gimp several times.

 And I even made sure that the files I was looking at where in the Textures folder, and not mistakenly in the Mesh folder. They where indeed labeled as

'.nif's. Which is odd because files in 'Mesh' folder are labeled as 'NetImmerse/Gamebryo Files' and not simply a 'nif'.


Even stranger was that I was replacing some files for the Diablo Elves Tattoos and I remember clear as day that files in the 'Texture' folder had the extensions '.dds". Oi. Fucking computer fairy is changing my files to fuck with me, I know it. -_-

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