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Down with the sickness

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Does anyone else playing the sims 4 with mods have this problem?  Every single one of my played sims has the itching, covered with orange spots illness.  It can't be cured with medicine although I haven't sent one to the doctor yet.  Not sure it that'll do any good.  It seems like this is a bug caused by one of my mods.  Finding out which mod has been a challenge.  Can anyone help me out?  Does anyone know which mod is causing this by your own experiences?  Thank you:)

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It's not a mod, it seems to be bug within the game, I've had this problem a couple of days back, sent the kid to school he came home and was then able to take the medicine if that doesn't work could always try and exiting the game and going back in to fix it.  That seems to fix the bug atm.  I don't know if EA is aware of the bug or not.

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