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Tip of penis appears black

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This has been happening for a few weeks now. I've even uninstalled all my skin CC, uninstalled the game, deleted numerous CC and everything and the tip of every penis for my male Sims keep appearing black. I don't know what's causing it. I've even disabled pubic hair from growing to see if that was the cause. It is happening for both Simdulgence's penis and Noir and Dark's porn star cock (I've removed one and downloaded another and it keeps happening to both). Help?


02-14-20_3:43:28 PM.png

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Downloaded the fix, but it's still there. Then I disabled the public hair for the guy and no black glans any more.
So it must be having something to with Wicked Whims and the function for public hair for guys. Thats my option...could be something else.
But I use the Simdulgence's penis as well. With the default penis no black tip

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