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Sexlivion Nostalgia

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I've been revisiting Cyrodiil for the last few days, and in those short times when I've been playing the game rather than fighting with mods and load orders, I've been having a blast. In particular, it's got me feeling nostalgic for the old Sexlivion mod, and I find I'd quite like to play that again.


Now, usually when this topic comes up, the first reply says that Lovers/LAPF is a better system by far and I should just use that, Yes, ok, I know all that. Nevertheless, I really liked the Sexlivion quest and the minigame and I'd like to replay it.


The trouble is, the original mod doesn't seem to be around any more. There's an English translation on the Nexus, but that depends on the original version that was linked to a sendspace file that's long since been taken down. I've had some success with Dall's Sexdarkness, but the redone interior makes my computer lag like crazy. (Also the game crashed the first time I tried to get it on, but that could well be me misconfiguring something). There was another promising lookng sexdarkness mod that turned out to be Spanish only, and I only have about a dozen words in that language.


Anyway, what I'd like, ideally, is:


  • A sexlivion English translation
  • One that still uses the original atellier. (It was a cut and paste copy of Sinderion's inn, but I don't hold that against it).
  • And if possible, reworked to use lovers/LAPF animations


Anyone managed to get something like this working? I'd appreciate any pointers.

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The best version is the Sexlivion for boys and girls. If you play as a girl and finish the quest you can get the spells the NPCs use ( Strong Sperm Attack, Sperm Attack, Nipples Attack )

And during sex you stay in position even on uneven terrain.



ALL versions, see here in post 4 ( my post )


In my version I added milk spray ( for HGEC E cup tits. If you need it for other cup size tell me )

and I add pictures in the in Inn ( you can replace the pictures if you do not like them )

And my version is the old inn, not the noble version.


There are also Links to the original version.  ( Sexdarkness is Sexlivion with a spell to have sex just for fun without the mini-game ( you can not die or get a desease) )




If you play Lovers with Sexlivion:

Sexlivion does not have problems with Lovers,  but Lovers with Sexlivion.

Lovers does not detect Sexlivion sex, so NPCs try to talk to or fuck the Player when he/she has Sexlivion sex.

Lovers Mods like Joburg: set  Lewdness and Libido to 0 while you play Sexlivion quest or want to have sexlivion sex near NPCs.

Lovers Hookers: set Approaches to off in the setting spell while you play Sexlivion quest or want to have sexlivion sex near NPCs.

And all Lovers Mods that start NPC with player sex automatically.

So most Lovers Mods will work without problem with Sexlivion.

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  • 5 months later...

I'm a little late, but thanks for the reply. I accidentally turned off reply notification a while back and missed a load of posts for a while.


Lovers with Sexlivion looks good, actually. I tend to play as a male and with mods that only start sex if I initiate proceedings, so that might work nicely. I shall have to try that out, next time I'm in Cyrodiil.

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