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modifying skeleton in nifskope

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i was trying to make  tip toe feet on the body in Nifskope by messing with the bones. It looked like it worked in nifskope but it show no changes in-game or even when I import the file to Outfit Studio
Can anybody help please? I only tried modifying in Nifskope coz I dunno how to Blender :(
While manually moving the vertices one by one in Outfit studio only turns out looking really janky and not to mention very tedious from something that results in something looking really bad

arch foot.jpg

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The bones get animated. So, even though you moved that bone around, in the game, animations apply position data to that bone and put it back where it should be.


To accomplish what you are trying to do you need to add new transform bones to the skeleton that affect the bone you want to without being affected by animations. It's very easy to completely break things doing this (by changing bone order, etc.). But, it can be done.

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