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Is there a way to reset Sexout's experience section in the MCM? As in resetting the number of blank, etc.?


Edit: I specifically mean the "Sex Stats" menu.

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Other than a complete clean save, you *could* try this:

- the formID of the Sexout quest is: xx000DC0, with xx being the load order number of sexoutNG

- let's say you want to change the numSex variable ("times had sex"), then you type in the console: set xx000DC0.numSex to 0

- other variables are numRaped, numRape, numVaginal, numAnal, numOral, numMale, numFemale, numMonster

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I really appreciate the response. I'll try that out.


Edit: Hmmm, I checked the order on sexout.esm and tried a host of other "xx" substitutes but had no luck . It's telling me it's an unknown variable.

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Yeah, the parentheses did it. I probably should have thought to put them in before. Thanks again.


By the way, do you know how to edit the frequency? It's the only one untouched. There's a plugin that's still registering past experience.

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