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Looking for Thongs classified as Accessories for T, YA, A and all categories.

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I am looking for thongs or other sexy underwear that is actually in the game an accessory.... So I can do the lowrider jeans, skirts, or any other bottoms, and have the thong or underwear visible above the waistband.


I found a very limited selection of sexy underwear as accessories on Sexy Sims but they are for the young adult and adult sims only. And they don't show up in every clothing category either. 



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There are a number of underwear accessory options to download from here at LL.      Look harder 


KinkyWorld also has Underwear which will be removed during sex, or as their exhibition skill increases.


I use things like - Google: search for Sims 3 underwear.


If you use S3PE (sims 3 package editor) you could flag bikini tops and bottoms/anything with the accessory flag as well.


You have options.....



I just tried 'sims 3 accessory thong' and found this: http://modthesims.info/d/361870/daluved1-s-wearable-thong.html    Really?............ do a little legwork and you'll be rewarded


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