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(REQUEST/IDEA) Cum Inflation


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What of my greatest fetishes when it comes to japanese pornographic animation is Cum Inflation. Vaginally or Anally I dont care. the idea of being inflated by such a sheer volume of semen just drives me insane, and this is something i'd love to see in Oblivion (and beyond). My Idea is, some script that runs alongside sex animations that swaps out the player body during sex or at the end (maybe extend the cumming part of the animation a few seconds longer, with all the growls and moans?) with pregnant bodies with increasingly larger bellies. Or maybe just a single model swap with THEC Pregnant Monster (itd be perfect if the belly would jiggle) when the creature that is raping you ejaculates? Its a hastle to switch it manually via setbody, and it kinda kills the sexyness out of it when you have to manually change bodies. Anyone like the idea and willing to try to make it? 

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What you are talking about is indeed a really cool idea.  Unfortunately is is also a TON of work to do right.  You'd need to modify lovers to work with it for starters.  You would need to redo every single animation (the orgasm stage) and you would need bodies with the vertices that would allow that kind of stretching without looking like crap.   There currently are 200+ animations just for human to human sex.


If you really want to see this, then the best bet is for you to grab gerra6's scripting tools and a copy of blender and go to work.  Once you have the animations done then you are most of the way there.

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Wow.. I had no idea. Well... I may try it then. I dont think all 200 of the existing animations need it, just where the context fits, like getting fucked by a horse, or Mehrunes Dagon (dear god he needs more than one animation), Minotaurs, Atronachs, and such.

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That would indeed narrow down the animations you would need to revise. 

You can further narrow these down by looking at the animations in the Daedra Sutra as there are pictures of each animation. 

Creature animations (if that is the bulk of what you are thinking of using) start at 201 and go up.


DS link: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/8232-the-daedra-sutra-lovers-with-pk-animation-collection/

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Simple body swap should be possible without messing with animations.. except for a one thing.

You can register a callback function to Lovers and can do pretty much anything you want when they ejaculate.. then you can call setbody function to automatically swap the body.

The bad thing is, you can set or reset the body via setbody but no easy way to know which body is currently set for the actor. So you can't revert back to the state before sex.


As an alternative, you can create a small setbody instead of calling it. Using pregnant or chubby mesh resources in setbody, no need to swap out whole body, just cut the belly part only and make them as clothing item like amulet or tail or whatever. Then all you need to do is equip or unequip them when you want.

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Since we had an animated armor in Cursed Armor series, it should be possible to craft a custom body with inflation anim attached to it. So when ejaculation starts we just equip that inflating body, then equip static inflated body after the act. We can't control the animation speed, so it will look good with only one predefined duration of the ejaculation step.

Really hard part is to find someone able to create inflating meshes.... And preferably more steps of inflation for the consecutive... you know, inflations.


Not that i'm really interested in this perversion. And thought about it. Ever.

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