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Open Vagina


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Cool, Thanks Labrat. I was sort of hoping that there were a simple method of colour Matching. I was afraid that the most likely answer was going to be the one you gave. Hey ho...back to the more laborious method then.

Thanks anyway.



I tried OpenVagina, but found the word processor in OpenOffice to be superior.

...but nowhere near as much fun especially using the plugin OpenOffer.

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@Ragged Robin I hesitate to recommend it as it may lead to hours of frustration but...THere is the "colour replacer" tool.


I don't know if you've got one in gimp, but there's one in paint.net. Select primary colour with colour picker, select secondary colour with colour picker, select brush size, left click to replace secondary with primary (or 'tother way round). That works well with small sections at pixel levels. I've never tried it on anything as large as a whole texture, the problem is getting the tolerances right for what it considers "the same colour" - too wide and you lose something - things flatten out, too narrow and you're replacing the whole damn picture one pixel at a time....... I used to use it a lot when I was working on sprite based games, but haven't recently.

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@dpc7010 @abinas


I'm dumb as a stump today but it suddenly occurs to me that if all you guys want is a "static" open vag, then there's no need to play around with bones at all, it's just a question of pushing vertices in the mesh to make a new mesh with open vag, to match the new texture, and saving that. doh. [slaps head].



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Labrat I'm Sorry I couldn't get back to you till now about testing your mesh, but it seems you already discovered it didn't work.

And stop apologizing and calling yourself dense, you are doing things I could never do and we all appreciate you taking the time to work on it.



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@dcp7010 Hi, Symon has pointed out to me on another thread that there are several MCS out there and they can differ. I had thought there was only Coronerra's called MCS, in fact Coronerra's doesn't seem to have the right bones and the one I was using wasn't his. The best may be SkeletonForLoversMotion which is based I think on Deedes MCS.


I use the Max Compatability Skeleton



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Abinas' date=' the file you posted a page ago... is that for the manga body?

I tried making it work in my game, but whenever I changed the body token, my character disappeared.



If you mean the one by thomthom, I don't know if it will work for manga. the way the bodies fit my TGND char, I would say they were for HGEC. If you want, send me your email and I will send you a version of this I changed the bodies on. it still looks awful but I think nessa is going to fix it. :)



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@ Nightwolf: Hi is this the sort of thing you're looking for?


This is what it looks like with a "deepened" vagina (editing the mesh to push a vaginal vertex into the body cavity)



Geez...haven't been to this thread for long because I never thought it would grow this big. I like the "deepened" version but not the spread version, if only you were working on the right type of lowerbody. The one you uploaded has big and angular calves. Not sexy at all, sorry. This is the one you should be working on if you still want to do this. http://www.mediafire.com/?3cecew390tn60al. It's nice that you made it spreadable but I'm a bit uncertain if I want to use the lovers skeleton. Is it campatible with HighHeels and where can I find it so I can try it out?

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Thanks' date=' I'll take a look at this body, has it got a name?


The for_lovers_motion skeleton, (not ideal, and no real beast version, but still haven't found the ideal skeleton, there are glitches with Growlf) is available on the LoversPK forum in the "invoking and tweaking animations" thread post #58







Thanks, that would be great.


It's just the normal HGEC L lowerbody.


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Hmm Manga body type looks like this






I think it's the best available vagina (lol :D ) for female body type.


Does anyone know if they ever made a Bouncing Butt version of this body mesh? Along with the BBB, that would make the ultimate body mod in my opinion.


Also, does anyone know if they have a topic that discussed some of the buggy pk lover animations? Some of the animations make the breast balloon up and black out the screen, but only a few. I thought I saw this topic somewhere before, but I can't find it now since they changed the forum?


Thanks in advance.

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I cannot download from that site.

Please zip the .nif (and the skeleton.nif you use) and attach them to a post here, and I will look at them.


(If you have Blender it is not difficult to do whatever you want yourself, but I have had some practice and it is not a big job.)



Seems to be a bit of confusion. The "angular calfed" mesh I posted is the one out of "HGEC bottom / L" in my bombshell folder.

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I've had a look at your bodies and I'm not sure if they are suitable for the sort of animation I have been creating. The meshes around these vaginas are much more convoluted and with many more vertices than in the bodies I use. I think a different technique is needed.


They seem to be more like the Manga vagina that HanPL posted, where the vagina does not seem to be a part of the mesh, but has been developed elsewhere as a separate piece and is then stuck onto/into the model.


On the simple meshes that I use, I control the vagina with two bones. Most skeletons, including yours, have at least four bones that could be used and I think with this type of vagina you'd have to use all four, controlling different areas. (In fact, that may not be enough).


I'm not saying it's impossible, (it may be easy for somebody else), but it's not something I could do in a hurry. I will see if I can think of something, but I would ask that if anyone else is more familiar with animating this sort of mesh would they please post their results and advice.


In the meantime, could you post up the .dds textures you use? (I should have asked before), as it makes it much easier to determine how the mesh movements will look in game, and helps me to decide which vertices I should bind to which bones.

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