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Face Problems in Creation Kit SE...

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I'm trying to help to convert Kalena Rios TS Follower from LE to SE.


I have LE and SE.

I installed Creation Kit SE, then opened the converted version.


I have two problems:


In the original "textures\actors\character\facegendata\facetint\Kalena Rios.esp"  folder, the makeup is like this:

Original "000012C4.dds":



CK SE replaces another make up. It doesn't care if I don't make any makeup changes in CK SE.



In "Preview Window" she looks like:

Kalena at Preview Window:



At the same time, she look at "Head View":



It seemed to me that that bright red lipstick is from my new PC's "showracemenu" Race Menu face settings. Or, very old .npc file's makeup settings that I didn't use.

Then, after I save the Creation Kit SE session, CK SE replaced the facetint files by doubling the size.


So, I reinstalled the game.


This time, her face looks older.



After reinstalling, I just added UNP Renewal SE or Blessed UNP SE. I use Fair Skin SE. This older face issue occurred before installing Fair Skin.

The makeup problem still continues. This time, she wants to wear another eyeliner, different lipstick color.


If you can help me anyway, I'll really appreciate.

Because, there is no info in the Internet, and nobody could give me any helpful solution about these problems.


Sincerely Yours,




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