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wanting to do Hyper Pregnancy; looking for advice


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2 minutes ago, Sanguine Rose 666 said:

What game?

Nevermind, I'm assuming its Skyrim or Fallout. You'd have to look at the bodyscaling power. That value either increases or decreases the strength of the visual scaling. Depending on the mod you can change the breast growth, belly scale naturally or the overall weight gain over the period of the pregnancy.

Hope that helps!

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5 hours ago, Make-Use-Of-ME said:

actually, its Games in general. more then just Fallout ans Skyrim. most of the bellies are, Flat pancakes often times when you try to get them to go Hyper. would I need to learn 3d editing for something like Second Life, or Virt a mate?

I don't know about those games, I have tried pregnancy mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim. It really depends on if the game itself allows for tools to apply such additional changes to a body. The safe way to do it are tools that someone who knows what they are doing made for your game of choice. Online games are very hard to mod in general, keep that in mind.

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