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This mod replaces every female NPC with ABDL clothing and also replaces some beds with cribs and stools with highchairs.

The mod also adds in some new adult baby clothes.



  • Replaces all female NPCs with adult baby clothes and accessories and all males where diapers under fatherly clothes
  • Big and small beds replaced with cribs
  • Stools replaced with highchairs
  • 14 bibs with different designs
  • Denim overalls
  • Fixed diaper crinkle walk sound
  • Humans are easier to kill as they don't have any armor



Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- - Slim body preset
Sissy Suite Convertion

Diaper Lovers' Fallout Remasterd Mk2 - direct download



Miscellaneous mod:

ABDL Clothes - bibs, overalls and vault onesie added as separate mod - craft at Chemistry Station Utility - no requirements


Recommended mods:

Pitch Voice
See You Sleep

Anime Race

Anime NPC replacer

Anime NPC - Hair and Hats Patch

Underware Scaling fix - fixes diaper clipping though clothes

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    CBBE, Sissy Suite, Diaper_Lovers'_Fallout_Remastered_Mk2


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