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  1. I'd suggest follwing the guide here: If it doesn't work after that, post your mod list and whats going wrong again
  2. Is that first one you posted the replacement for intimidation perk?
  3. Yeah it was in a thread but I can't remember which thread and what page 😪
  4. Does anyone know the console code to spawn the stripper pole? (flag pole)
  5. That sounds absolutely perfect to me, great minds think alike and all that 😁
  6. I had an idea for some bondage furniture that I've thought about for a long time but lacked the skills to put it into action. You could scale up the Giddyup buttercup model, and put a phallic object on top, fusion core or mop end or whatever, you could then add shackles for arms and feet. Just a suggestion for you but I think it would be super cool keep up the good work 👍
  7. Looks great Any other ideas for bondage furniture you've got?
  8. You up to date with AAF too? I had the same problem with animations not finishing but once I updated my aaf it was fine
  9. Yeah, those were fantastic, hope they can be used because it would be a shame to let them go to waste
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