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  1. https://www.patreon.com/Vtaw If im not mistaken itll be in vtaw wardrobe 7
  2. No complaints here ☺️
  3. Might be her mod called Sun's rack of clothing or something like that, I'm pretty sure its one of those 2. Finding them might be a bit harder unfortunately
  4. It was from one of Suns mods but shes removed them all unfortunately. I seem to remember it wasn't from the hair mod she put out, I think it was possibly from one called "suns final mod" or something like that. Unfortunately I had all her mods then my computer completely died and she had already removed them by then
  5. So I was wrong, the workshop for making DD stuff is under Raider -> Slavery And torture devices stuff should have its own category If they're not showing up I gue4ss something must have gone wrong during install or do you have lots of other settlement mods as I've had it where some have disappeared because I had too many.
  6. Great stuff, really looking froward to this
  7. If you're following the guide that was posted, I can't see how it can't be working. Also this isn't the nexus, if you're just gonna complain that you aren't getting everything spoonfed to you when people are trying to help you I suggest not bothering.
  8. Sorry I missed some words there, yeah I meant take it off, thanks
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