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Need help, no animation.

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So, as a relatively new beginner going on modding, I have to say that this is beyond me atm. As of now, wherever i try to initiate a scene via sexlab romance, nothing happens. Not exactly sure why. originally, it was the two person just t-posing, but after that nothing just happens. Will really appreciate it if someone could tell me what went wrong.


Screenshot of Mod Organizer


My apologies for being unable to provide an image.But the link above is one of the screenshot of both the mod organizer and the FNIS

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The issue is a bad FNIS install. You probably have soemthing like "Skyrim Special Edition\Data\FNIS version X.X.X\Data\tools\...". The proper folder structure is having the tools, meshes, scripts and FNIS.esp directly under "Data", or if you're using MO, these folder and esp go right after "Mod Organizer 2\mods\Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE".


You have several mods installed directly into the game folder, which defeats the whole purpose of using Mod Organizer. If you're just starting to mod, I'd recommend you to do it properly. Take note of all your mods, uninstall Skyrim, download it again (so you have a clean game folder) and install the mods you want through MO. The only things you need to place into the game folder are SKSE, ENB and similar files which go into "Skyrim Special Edition" and not in "Skyrim Special Edition\Data".


Edit: also, for future references, mark the HKX file compatibility checkbox, it will tell you if any of the animations you have installed are not compatible with Skyrim SE, which is another reason for animation problems.

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